An Epiphany...for "Epiphany"... January 6th, 2014...
Tonight's sunset over Greenwich Village....... it's said that the first Monday after New Years may
Darling! An ounce of prevention.....
Dear Sybil, I am writing to you about my New Years Eve celebrating…..I may overdo it!! Is there drinking on an empty stomach and using the booze as an actual NEW YEARS “food group”, (as if the F.D.A
SYBIL PREDICTS!!!... #10....
Hottler family of 1312 Sackett Lane, he will assume his new title today, New Years Day at 12 Noon. When
Sybil's "30 DAYS OF THANKSGIVING!"...... Ethan & Noah....
..... For years after they arrived on the New England shores of the New World, the Puritans had
Celebrity Birthdays In History.... January 6th, 1681....
, carnivals, mime shows, ballets, roadside caprices, and gypsy fortune teller tents. She died at 91 years of age having created a new world of art.... through her "Strasbourg Method" which was much
A New Sybil's "WHO'Z DAT?"… WALTER HUSTON (April 5, 1883 – April 7, 1950)
continued to return to the stage over the years, alternating work between New York and Hollywood. He
Sybil Bruncheon's "Crime Time Tales for Children"... HOWDY-DO!
years of the new fangled "television", its stars rose to international fame overnight, and the public
A New Sybil's "WHO'Z DAT?"... OLIVER HARDY (January 18, 1892 – August 7, 1957)
United Kingdom and France for the next several years, until 1954, often using new sketches and
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