Fun and Gaymes

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NOTE: This event info is no longer current.

Fun And 'Gay'mes! : This was the premiere of the Chauncey Wheel out at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, and an experiment to see what kind of crowd we'd get at Happy Hour on a Summer Friday at 5:00. The "locals" piled in and made it their own, and the new arrivals off the ferry would come in with their luggage and kibbitz. Interesting that we didn't put the very graphic (and electrified!) wheel in our ad copy, but the shot we used was of the previous year's end-of-season ball, where I told fortunes and used a sidekick named Koo-Koo La-Roo-Koo! (There he is in the crystal ball saying something rude, or predicting a disaster, or giving out a recipe for Quiche Lorraine!)