Cheese, Please!!!....

Tête de Moine as a dessert course at The Quarter in Greenwich Village....

Tête de Moine as a dessert course at The Quarter in Greenwich Village....

Today, at The Quarter, Mummie had the most delicious dessert! A sophisticated cheese course of Tête de Moine, shaved into ruffled florets partnered with dates, apricots, candied walnuts, and toasted French bread! Tête de Moine, produced for hundreds of years in Switzerland, literally translates to "Monk's Head", so named because the wheels of the cheese resemble the shaved tonsure of a monk's scalp. The Quarter's chef, Jason Avery explained that the traditional way of serving Tête de Moine is to "shave" it with a special utensil called a girolle. The subtle flavor of this creamy/slightly waxy cheese is perfectly matched with fruits and nuts and a fine glass of a dessert wine. Be sure to ask for suggestions from The Quarter's extensive wine cellar!! Here's the link! Sybil Sez!

Mummie Knows Best!!!

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You know Darlings, who wants what's best for you? in, day out? Rain or shine? Why it's Mom of course! Your Mother is always thinking about her special someone, and all the ways that you can be safe. And now, the International Institute of Modern Mothering has endorsed an amazing new product line called MOMDOMS. They're thoroughly tested and approved as the perfect pocket pal for that unexpected date. Always keep a tin of them handy! Your Mom and I agree!! Don't think of it as "safe sex"...think of it as "SMART sex"! I should know! After all, I AM a Mother!...and Mummie says MOMDOMS! (and here's their link!!)

Bottom's UP!.....

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Darlings!!! Are you in the mood for some hot chocolate?.. no! I mean some really "HOT" chocolate??? Well, here are some charming stocking stuffers for you or a friend! They're customized "Sybil" mugs for your own little tête-à-tête with Mummie! And if you're allergic to chocolate (pooooor thing!), you can always get a caffeine-buzz with me first thing in the morning, some tea 'n' sympathy with me on a rainy afternoon, or a sleepy night-cap tuck-in just before bedtime!...  Order a thermos cup or any one of a number of other options!! ...including a BEER STEIN version!! Can you imagine?!? Perfect for those live broadcasts of The Sound Of Music....when all your friends want to get good and drunk! OOOMPAH! PAH! PAH! And you can even customize YOUR order!!! Mummie is very flexible!!... and Zazzle will take care of the rest!! Here's the link to order, and while you're there, look at all the other Sybil gifts and designs available!...

John Fricke/Author of "The Wonderful World Of Oz"


Darlings!!! I just spent the most enchanting evening with my dear pals beautiful Patty Fricke and her brilliant brother John Fricke. John is the Grammy nominated and winner of two Emmy awards for his extraordinary work on Judy Garland and THE WIZARD OF OZ television documentaries and the writer of several books on both subjects. His new book is just released and is available on the John Fricke/Amazon page... his other titles include Judy: A Legendary Film CareerThe Wizard of Oz: The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial HistoryJudy Garland: A Portrait in Art & Anecdote100 Years of Oz: A Century of Classic Images, Judy Garland: A Portrait in Art & Anecdote and several more. Here's the link to John's page:

Blair/Digital Media and online design

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Hey, Darlings!!! So many folks ask me who's making all those fabulous posters for my shows and events! There's only one designer for me! BLAIR/Digital Media!!! Drop them a line and ask about all the fine services they offer!! From websites to graphics and press communication, they've got you covered!.... Mummie relies on them to "get the word out"!!! ...and with so much STYLE!!! Sybil Sez!

First Choice Limousine / NYC, NY


Whether you're arriving or departing for the airports, or you have a special occasion in NYC that you need to make even more special, First Choice Limousine is the ride for you! Reliable and friendly drivers who know their way around the metropolitan area, they can even take you on those out-of-town trips that make the travel so easy and relaxing. Weddings, proms, corporate events, tours of the city, jaunts to the casinos, whatever the occasion, Give First Choice a call..... they're definitely OUR First Choice!!!..... and tell Benny, "Sybil sent me!".....

The Path Café / NYC, NY


The Path Café : Cozy, cute, and convenient, The Path Café at 131 Christopher Street (right next to the entrance to the Path train station!) is a perfect little hide-away for a croissant and cappuccino, or perhaps a stack of buttermilk pancakes with bananas! Lunch specials include panini and soup and salad combinations! I especially like their Iced Tiger Chai Tea Latte, the Goat Cheese and Beet Salad, and the Roast Beef Panini with Field Greens, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Balsamic Onions, and Horseradish Mayo on a Ciabatta. Take your laptop, your Vogue, or your best lunch pal and curl up in the corner for a taste of what the "old" Village was like for an afternoon "snack 'n' chat"! And check out their live music and open-mike night on Thursdays at 6:00 PM.

SNS Staging for Special Events / NY & NJ


Let SNS Staging help plan your Holiday Party! 

SNS Staging, Inc. is a full-service staging and event management company with offices in New York and New Jersey specializing in seamless event production and venue management. They are committed to delivering the highest quality live programming for their clients on any scale anywhere in the world.

Working closely with you to understand your needs, match your style and provide precision production solutions, they will engage your audience from the grandest main stage events to the simplest breakout sessions.

With SNS, you get personal attention and precision production with a global reach. They'll give you hands-on customer service and an uncompromising commitment to exceed your expectations. SNS will make your Holiday Party a success and do all the sound and lighting you need to dazzle your guests. Special rates for Event planners and Special Event Managers! Call them and make this a Holiday season to remember! 

The Bathroom / NYC, NY

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Whether it's Summertime and you're looking for a refreshingly cool body-splash, or the chillier temperatures are making you long for a nice hot bubble bath, you're sure to find everything and anything you might ever want in Greenwich Village's The Bathroom, 94 Charles Street just off Bleecker. Founded in 2000, The Bathroom, with two locations in New York’s historic Greenwich Village, is fashioned after the charming English apothecaries found in proprietor Colin Heywood’s hometown of London, England.

At Mr. Heywood’s bathroom boutique, guests will find a luxurious assortment of bath accoutrements for everyone in their household, including children and newborns

Mr. Heywood opened The Bathroom in May 2000, when he moved to the United States after a successful run as a financier in the United Kingdom. Acutely aware that his customers are willing to try unique brands and add them to their existing collection of favorite “bathroom accoutrements,” Colin’s fine selection of products from all over the world has made the bathing boutique a must stop destination in the shopping Mecca where neighborhood clients are welcomed by an informative and gracious staff, always willing to share an incredible wealth of product knowledge as well as entertaining anecdotes about the products’ history and ingredients. From tooth paste to towels, it's The Bathroom!... Sybil Sez!

The Quarter / NYC, NY

Located in the landmarked historic district of Greenwich Village, The Quarter is the perfect little place to eat after a day of shopping at specialty stores, trendy fashion emporiums, antique, vintage clothing, and craft shops, and artisan food markets. This neighborhood restaurant with a mix of locally inspired American cuisine and Mediterranean and Asian flavors also has a wonderful wine cellar to boot! Executive chef Jason Avery and Sommelier Hakan Aktas have pooled their expertise to create a relaxed, cozy place where food and beverages are presented with crisp, clean flavors and a touch of whimsy. The Quarter's menu changes seasonally to take advantage of the freshest ingredients - particularly local - at their prime. Some of my favorite dishes include the Smoked Tomato Bisque with Mini-grilled Brie Cheese Sandwiches, Foie Gras Fig Newtons, The Grilled Pesto Chicken Paillard with Broccoli Rabe Caesar Salad, and The Quarter Steak Special with House Cut Fries with Home Made Ketchup, Watercress and Bone Marrow.  And after a tasty culinary adventure here, why not stroll over to the beautiful High Line to take in the sunset on the Hudson.   

Grahame G. Fowler / NYC, NY

Opening his first shop in London's Portobello Road in 1979, Mr. Fowler knew immediately he loved classy fashion, eclectic style, and luxurious textures... Utilizing fine fabrics from England, Italy, and Japan, while aligning the resources and craftsmen of New York City, Grahame has brought his eclectic knowledge of British youth culture, military clothing, and his passion for vintage Italian motor scooters to create what is now Grahame Fowler Original. Grahame's men's clothing is produced on a limited edition basis, delivering a fresh point of view each season.

Mud, Sweat & Tears Pottery Studio / NYC, NY


Mud, Sweat and Tears has been famously located on the corner of West 46th Street and 10th Ave. in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan for 30 years. Our full exposure store front streams sunshine into the studio giving it a bright, uplifting and open feel.

We have taught generations of craftspeople clay skills and have celebrated weddings and births and long friendships along the way. We are well known for our rigorous teaching skills and close attention to our students’ progress. Many of our students stay on as “studio potters”, renting space from us when they have taken all our classes and wish to continue their work.

Our studio evokes a comfortable, “old school” feeling and we are often sought as a film, TV and commercial location. Many of our clay pieces have been featured in advertising, films, television and Broadway productions.

Folks come to us from all walks of life and from all over the world ­ sharing the drive to create.

Li-Lac Chocolates / NYC, NY

"An anomaly in the NY's artisanal chocolate culture.....stubbornly old-fashioned!" - The Wall Street Journal

"An anomaly in the NY's artisanal chocolate culture.....stubbornly old-fashioned!" - The Wall Street Journal

When you walk into a wonderful little chocolate shop and the air itself smells like a box of freshly handmade truffles, you know you're in Heaven! And that's just how it's been for 90 years down in Greenwich Village at LI-LAC CHOCOLATES! The artisans there have been making small batches of internationally famous chocolates in every style and for every taste for nearly a century! Imaginative gifts, Holiday themes, and local NYC icons are all prepared in a variety of chocolate treats as well as the 140 items available year round. If you're visiting NYC, a trip isn't complete without a tour of Greenwich Village, and a trip to Greenwich Village isn't complete without a shopping stop at Li-Lac Chocolates!! ...and tell them Sybil sent you.