The Bathroom / NYC, NY

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Whether it's Summertime and you're looking for a refreshingly cool body-splash, or the chillier temperatures are making you long for a nice hot bubble bath, you're sure to find everything and anything you might ever want in Greenwich Village's The Bathroom, 94 Charles Street just off Bleecker. Founded in 2000, The Bathroom, with two locations in New York’s historic Greenwich Village, is fashioned after the charming English apothecaries found in proprietor Colin Heywood’s hometown of London, England.

At Mr. Heywood’s bathroom boutique, guests will find a luxurious assortment of bath accoutrements for everyone in their household, including children and newborns

Mr. Heywood opened The Bathroom in May 2000, when he moved to the United States after a successful run as a financier in the United Kingdom. Acutely aware that his customers are willing to try unique brands and add them to their existing collection of favorite “bathroom accoutrements,” Colin’s fine selection of products from all over the world has made the bathing boutique a must stop destination in the shopping Mecca where neighborhood clients are welcomed by an informative and gracious staff, always willing to share an incredible wealth of product knowledge as well as entertaining anecdotes about the products’ history and ingredients. From tooth paste to towels, it's The Bathroom!... Sybil Sez!