John Fricke/Author of "The Wonderful World Of Oz"


Darlings!!! I just spent the most enchanting evening with my dear pals beautiful Patty Fricke and her brilliant brother John Fricke. John is the Grammy nominated and winner of two Emmy awards for his extraordinary work on Judy Garland and THE WIZARD OF OZ television documentaries and the writer of several books on both subjects. His new book is just released and is available on the John Fricke/Amazon page... his other titles include Judy: A Legendary Film CareerThe Wizard of Oz: The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial HistoryJudy Garland: A Portrait in Art & Anecdote100 Years of Oz: A Century of Classic Images, Judy Garland: A Portrait in Art & Anecdote and several more. Here's the link to John's page: