A story very well worth reading....


A story very well worth reading!!! Please join me in celebrating the arrival of a book about Ellie Laks and her contribution to a cause that is at the heart of what humans and animals mean to each other.... hear what she has to say:

The Gentle Barn was my dream since I was 7 years old, and it took a lot to finally found it in 1999. The story of how it started and how it came to be is in my book "My Gentle Barn" coming out in March wherever books are sold. But if there are a lot of pre-orders it will be a best seller from the start. If it is a best seller, it will gain a lot of attention for The Gentle Barn, and that attention will allow us to save more animals who have no where else to go. Will you help me make my book a success and save more animals by pre-ordering the book and sharing it with your friends. To order it now go to: http://www.gentlebarn.org/my-gentle-barn.html
I am so grateful! -Ellie Laks

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