OUR THANKSGIVING HERITAGE!...... the power of the Holidays to rehabilitate the heartbroken!!....


... Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! So many of us know the terrible toll that crime, a bad upbringing, a pathological environment, or even faulty genetics can cause a youngster. ...and what if that young person was accused of terrible crimes herself?....even murder??.....even MULTIPLE murders!!... well here's a happier turn-out for a change. A young lady who at the age of 10 had terrible scandal in her life, was even presumed dead after a tremendous accident, and then after being rescued from a near-drowning in a lake, she spent several years of rehabilitation in The 4H Club Institute For Healthful Living & Mental Hygiene.... surrounded by supportive professionals, nutritious food, daily chores and exercise, a regimen of discipline born of love, good fellowship with the other inmates, herds of farm animals, and a heapin' spoonful of fresh air and green grass, she has been rebuilt into a productive and happy citizen!... Her parents thought that they had lost her! We ALL thought we had lost her!!...but no! WE STILL HAVE RHODA!!! ....so very much to be thankful for! 

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