Christmas Shopping... Here's an idea!

Darlings! With all the Holiday and office parties starting up, you might want to bring this wonderful new addition to YOUR home...!!! Here's Sybil Bruncheon in the privacy of her home riding the new EAZY-GLYDE STARE-KASE...a wonderful safety feature that allows folks to chat, doze, drink, even fall down while moving from one floor to another in their homes. Sybil sez,"I've fallen and I can't get up!!.... but I'm riding my EAZY-GLYDE, and I should hit the second floor in a minute or two! Thanks, EAZY-GLYDE!!". Just pick up your phone and dial I-M-F-A-C-E-D-O-W-N..... that's 463-223-3696. The nice lady will tell you how to order! 

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