In The Music World: A New Release!!!

Shopping for a festive gift for someone special??... How about the new release of what promises to be one of Fred Rogers' biggest hit albums? Now available at all fine department stores and children's notions counters! Laughter and Life Lessons for the WHOLE family! 

"YOU ARE SPECIAL!....VERY SPECIAL!"... the Newly Released Album by Mr. Rogers!!

Songs include;
1) Would You Like To Feel My Zip-Front Cardigan Sweater?
2) I Have Big Feet. Do You Know What That Means?
3) Won't You Be My Neighbor?...Like Mr. Grimby Who Washes His Car With No Clothes On.
4) Henrietta Pussycat Has Cat-Scratch Fever.
5) King Friday Ran Over a Man….On Purpose.
6) Hi, My Name Is Billy, And I Can Cross My Legs Like Mommy.
7) Let's Say Funny Words, With the Lights Off!
8) Mr. McFeely Likes To Feel Things…And Cry About Them Later At The Bar
9) Lady Aberlin Is A Man. Just Look Under Her Skirt! ...... and many, many others! Order Today!!

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