Sybil's “31 Days of Halloween!”…. Life is NOT a Piece of Cake!

Halloween Poppin Fresh (714C).jpg

…A little known fact in the Cookies & Cakes world is that some of America's biggest food icons fell on very hard times later in life. How many of us remember the tragic heroin addiction of Betty Crocker, the terrible night that Duncan Hines was killed in a meth-lab explosion in his own home in Piscataway, New Jersey, and the bank-robbery rampage that Sarah Lee went on throughout the mid-west ending eventually in a machine-gun riddled roadster outside of a Piggly-Wiggly in Tennessee? In that vein, (that forlorn vein!), it was an awful blow to children everywhere when we found out that Poppin Fresh, America’s favorite little ball of giggling and ticklish pastry dough, had aged into a skeletal madman, drooling and gibbering in an asylum where he received daily electro-shock therapy and forced kneading and pulling by burly Russian attendants who were not kindly. Poor Poppin Fresh was plagued by yeast infections and unwanted raisins from years as a homeless sticky-bun in city parks and alleyways until the Entenmann's family discovered him near a pretzel cart and took him to a city shelter. The gourmet press and the vindictive Food Network immediately leaped on the story gleefully, complete with lurid photos and clip-out recipes for cheesy items on laminated cards!… You know, the washable kind for easy wipe-ups! The latest update?...Poppin Fresh is currently ambulatory and receiving thorazine therapy…and he’s actually enrolled in a hobbies program weaving small bread baskets and pot-holders…Still, some of the more sadistic staff members will entertain themselves by throwing frosting and cinnamon on little Poppin Fresh..or even stale chocolate chips ...just to get a rise out of him...

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