Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!"..... Trick or Treat!!!!!

Halloween Gerber Baby (950).jpg

Friends! At Halloween time, we all love seeing children come to our front doors for Trick or Treating, don't we??....and some of their costumes are quite inspired! But we should all remember to be sensitive to the individuality of each and every child we meet. Issues of race, cultural and religious practices, and sexual orientation and gender identity are all things we must be mindful of today!....and I speak from experience!! Oh, how I rue the day that I answered the door bell on a Halloween night long ago, and was met by something that was too horrible...HORRIBLE TO BELIEVE!!! A child--thing, of some sort was standing...just inches away from me....smiling...or reflecting as it stared at me. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl...or ...? And just as I was about to shriek in horror, a kindly lady walked up behind it and greeted me with a hearty "Hello!".... she extended her hand and said, "How do you do Miss Bruncheon? This is my daughter, little Annie. You might remember seeing her when she was a baby! She was a model for baby food!!".... Relieved by her friendliness (and indeed even her presence in the company of her bizarre daughter!!), I looked more closely and was struck by what I saw! Little Annie had indeed been a model for baby food! THE baby food of all time. Gerber!!.... she was that plump, priceless smiling baby on a million baby food jars in a multitude of flavors!! The IDEAL baby. The ICON of babies... advertised and published around the world...for decades!! The Gerber baby.... had.... in fact turned into an ACTUAL GERBER!!!!!!

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