Sybil's 31 Days of Halloween Horror & Hilarity!...GAME TIME!!

Halloween Frankenstein Typewriter (713D).jpg

Dr. Henry Frankenstein is very upset!! Pick the right caption:

1) “I don’t care what anyone says! My Musical Typewriter will be a triumph!"

2) “I’m trying to reach Don Loper on my shortwave set. This cocktail dress he sent me is wrinkled… and so… MANNISH!”

3) “This X-ray Book Reader allows me to read all these Harry Potters at the same time!”

4) “Is this Betty Crocker? I’m trying to get the recipe for “Vlad the Impaler’s Shish-Ka-Bob Delights”… on page 194.”

5) “Nonsense, my dear! I am both a brain surgeon AND a licensed cosmetician! I can apply very realistic make-up with these electrodes… and lightning!”

6) “Fred Rogers and his damn Neighborhood! I’ll show them all how to get children to sing along!”

7) “Coco Chanel said the secret to good jewelry is to put everything on and take just one thing off… hmmm… but which earrings?”

8) “I call it a cell phone… and it comes with this amusing little clutch! In walnut!”

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