Sybil Bruncheon's "People In Poetry"…… page 26. ......"At The Chartreuse Academy for Nice Young Men"….

Chartreuse Boys (998B).jpg

Philip was a dandy-boy with hand upon his hip!  He minced and ponced about the school                           With rouge upon his lip.

Chauncey primped a little bit. He thought himself quite grand.  His tailor cut his suits just so                                                         For strolls along the strand.

And Bennett’s pride was in his brain, his wit beyond compare.                           But books remained his only friends.                     A date? He’d never dare!

Tom was in the marching band. His baton he twirled and threw.                     He also played the piccolo                                                               On which he blew and blew.

Bruce had always scamped about. He had his little jokes. And in the alley in the back,                                     He cadged about for smokes.

Russell was a handsome lad. His profile like a Greek!         The girls all swooned when he walked by.                             He’d give them ne’er a peek.

And wasn’t Huck the charming one? His manners won the prize.                       He opened doors, and held the chairs.                                       But just for other guys.

And lastly there was little Sal, his suit all stitched with pearl. He spoke Italian with a lisp,                                                         And turned out to be a girl.

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