Sybil's "A Whole Month Of Thanksgiving!"...

Thanksgiving Recipe Nightmares (519A).jpg

"Housewifely Hints For A Happy Holiday!"... Ladies, (and I use that term loosely)... do you try to serve your Thanksgiving crowd a wide but still nutritious variety of side dishes with your turkey? Sure, who doesn't? But sometimes a new and untried recipe from a passing stranger, a resentful in-law, or an adulterous neighbor can turn out just terribly, can't it? Even our healthy and usually heart-friendly vegetable-dishes can suddenly become the stuff of hideous nightmares. I'm reminded of the time a supposedly prize-winning artichoke dip stood up on my beautifully laid dining table and, after kicking over the candelabras, proceeded to eat my Cousin Delia and her husband Carl, a perfectly nice aluminum-siding salesman who had never been to my home before. Well! You can imagine my embarrassment as a hostess, especially when the fire spread to adjoining blocks and killed 13. Ah well... my advice? Always, ALWAYS try out Holiday recipes a week or so beforehand. Why get caught at the last minute in a cuisine catastrophe? There'll be more suggestions in my new cook book/memoir, starting on page 312. Bon Appétit!!!

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