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A little known fact about the famous von Trapp family from THE SOUND OF MUSIC; after their harrowing escape from the Nazis and their trek over the Alps to safety and freedom in Switzerland, the entire family continued on disguised as motorized figures in giant cuckoo clocks and oversized Hummels on music boxes. Amazingly, the trick worked, probably because most Europeans consider the Swiss incapable of irony or indeed humor. At any rate, the entire family arrived on American shores safely in 1945 and after being held on Ellis Island as suspected marionettes, they were released to begin life in Sunnyside Queens. Some of the older children as they grew up scattered to different parts of the country. They were well-known characters in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, and wanted to escape their notoriety, changing their last names legally. But it was the youngest and least known of the von Trapp children who were born after the family had arrived in the USA who decided to go into business in the NYC area. They were Weasil von Trapp (later arrested for pickpocketing and petty theft and Ponzi scams), Ganif von Trapp (notorious scam-artist and moocher off his siblings, Streudel von Trapp (alternately an anorexic and bulimic), and Anshul von Trapp (later gender-reassigned to become Yentyl von Trapp). These four children opened a drive-in diner named Der Wienerschnitzel on the corner of 41st Street and Greenpoint Avenue. It specialized in the eponymous weinerschnitzel, but also in burgers and fries, moo goo gai pan, and holiday leftovers. Their turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and yam open faced sandwich was a triumph! But only on Black Friday. When the Macy's Discount and Seconds Mart later closed next door, the von Trapp's were wiped out. Even as they tried to recreate the "Lonely Goatherd" motif at their breakfast counter! Complete with goat omelets for the Dominican and Haitian customers.

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