Sybil's "Weekend Weight-loss Weirdness"....

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Ladies, when it comes to dieting, did you know that our mothers and grandmothers lived in a much tougher time than we do. Here's a photo from the Adipose-AWAY Spa in Carlton Corners, California in 1920. Dr. Lorne Fornecetti proposed a radical new approach to slimming and trimming milady's figure and form; "anger and angst" therapy.

In addition to the usual steam cabinets, massage tables, indian club calisthenics, and heavy weightlifting, he included hours of running in place in front of just-out-of-reach tables of the richest delicacies while being anchored to cast iron wall brackets. Sympathetic (but ruthlessly firm!) attendants would walk up and down the line of patients serving them endless glasses of warm water and lemons as they sprinted faster and faster in place towards fudge brownies, chocolate milkshakes, steaming kettles of clam chowder, Lobster Newburgs, Oysters Rockefeller, mashed potatoes, buttered croissants, banana splits, potato chips, french fries, pizzas, pies, puddings, and cakes! The room was soon full of grunts, panting, sweating, and screamed epithets and threats of physical violence, by both staff and clients alike.

A minor earthquake gave the good doctor the idea to attach his patients to a row of electric sewing machines and vibrate them even more towards the slim and svelte silhouette they (and their husbands!) were seeking! And the added bonus was the new market in "gymnasium couture" being sewn by those clients who were resting after their workouts. Henry Ford visiting the weekend coined the phrases "burning fat" and "assembly-line lean"! Within a year, the thousands of laborers working in his Detroit factories were considered "the most shapely men in America" by both "Physique Pictorial" and the "National Nudist" magazines.

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