Sybil's Folk Tales From Around The World:.... The return of Spring!!


And so boys and girls, in the villages of қияр мұрын, people celebrate the beginning of Spring with festivals and banquets. The nice people believe that all the forest spirits that bring warm weather, and flowers, and green leaves are trapped all Winter inside a magic "Twinkle-Box" where they are thrown in the Fall by a bad Man-Badger named Мырза аң анус! He comes out of the mountains and tricks all the "Friendship Fairies" by offering them candies and fine jewelry, and when they come too close, he catches them in a giant net made out of spider webs and stretched out chewing gum. They are then squished down into the "Twinkle-Box" where they wait for the nice boys and girls to welcome them back with songs, poems, dancing, and funny faces. Each family brings a selection of fruit, nuts, specially baked cake-lettes, and dolls made out of lint, hair-combings, and old underpants to the town square where the official "Twinkle-Box" is opened!...And so Spring shows up right on time. (Of course, if Spring starts a little late, or a severe cold-snap returns after the festival, the villagers decide to be more severe with the "Friendship Fairies", and may try to hunt them down with pitchforks and loud yells! And the Daddies drink brown stuff out of jugs, and Mommies start to look like the bad Man-Badger named Мырза аң анус!) Now doesn't THAT sound like a nice way to celebrate Springtime every year! 

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