My Merry Memoirs:... My sister, my mother... (oh, and my nephew...)

Dagmar Widmark Steam Shovel Collage (1288B).jpg

         ...from My Merry Memoirs: Chapter... oh, whatever. On the left is a photo of my identical twin sister Dagmar (ten minutes younger than me, and completely unexpected!) and my mother, who was having one of her (rare!) "good days"! Probably the altitude scared her into behaving herself! Dagmar and Mother were at the groundbreaking of the Boulder Dam, or the Chrysler Building... or maybe it was just a carnival ride in a particularly seedy roadside amusement park (which is so much more their "speed")... As I said, they both were teetering high, high over whatever, and being confined to a fairly small space, they appear to be having a comparably cheerful time (or at least civil!). On most days, they often turned to strife, enmity, and snarking, either singly or in pairs, and usually with sharp objects nearby. 
         Now you're probably wondering why I've paired a family photo with that other studio shot of Richard Widmark from KISS OF DEATH (1947). Well, Dagmar, of course, is the mother of my often referred to nephew, John, and you've read of some of his adventures here on these pages. He seems like a nice enough person, and I have tried always to be his "Auntie Mame", but there were times... well, if you actually KNEW my sister, (AND my mother!) you'd know it was a huge mistake to take John to that afternoon matinee double-feature at the Rivoli Palace. It was KISS OF DEATH and PEZZO THE MUSICAL MONKEY. It's not clear now which of the films or a combination of them both that inspired him to push Dagmar down the stairs... Of course, John is much more attractive than that Widmark character. And Dagmar wasn't in a wheel chair, nor did she die... just a sprained ankle. A sprained ankle! Can you imagine?!... and all the way down three whole flights of stairs. Marble, no less! (God really DOES only take the good.)

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