Sybil’s “Quit Yer Belly-Achin’!!!”… Hard Times In Girls’ Schools In The Depression!

Look What The Stork Brought.jpg

So many kids today complain about iPhones vs. Androids, cable TV vs. Live Streaming, Jenners vs, Kardashians… having to go to riding classes or xylophone lessons… whatever! Well, did you know that in the 1930s, even at the best private schools, there was no budget for after-school activities. Without money for uniforms, bats, balls, nets, and all the other equipment and accessories for sports, young people were forced to be creative and yes, entertain themselves! And here’s a sport that they invented called “Look What The Stork Brought!”. Teams of two partners would take turns tossing younger brothers and sisters over fences, hanging laundry, brick walls, chimneys, electrical power lines, or even garages and tool sheds; extra points for greater and greater distances and heights! Bonuses would also be accrued if the tossed child didn’t cry after landing, and even more if said child laid very still while measurements were taken and scores added. And what fun it was to play when Mother asked you to babysit the younger kids at home! “Look What The Stork Brought” became so popular that it was declared the first “INTER-Mural Intra-Mural” sport by the Catholic Church school system, since it sometimes involved playing from one wall to another… literally!

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