Sybil's "WONDERFUL WORLD of TOMORROW!"..... Wonder #36 :

INVENTIONS Nose-Blower GAFFEEN (906).jpg

Hello Friends! (...and I use that term loosely!) Did you know that scientists and engineers are already planning on increasing your leisure time and your personal comfort in the future? Well they are! In a very short time, you will no longer have to perform many of your own body functions! Mrs. Ginelda Gaffeen has invented the personal hydraulic nose-blower! The lucky user can hold a phone conversation, bake a cake, learn French, operate heavy machinery, or even sleep while his or her nose is being professionally and electronically blown! And in a sanitary, medically approved manner. (No more unsightly picking afterwards.... either in the car or at the office ...during an HR review!!) The patents have already been approved, and manufacture of the first models will begin in the next two years as the final nose-measurements are taken of a wide spectrum of the population. And by the way, if you happen to have a nose that friends, family or even strangers have always stared at, please contact Mrs. Gaffeen and her research staff. Every participant in the study will receive a $10.00 gift certificate towards the purchase of the new "Gaffeen Go-Blow-Yourself" when it's released by Ronco! Give us a call at 742-566-6673..! That's right...just dial P-I-C-K-N-O-M-O-R-E! The nice man will tell you where to go!

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