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Ladies LUNCHEON (120).jpg

The Ladies' Republican Club in Wayocaycucca, Ohio discussing their new season's agenda:

1) Which GOP Candidate Is Most Handsome?… and is he straight so we can introduce him to our daughters?

2) Should We Still Have Michele Bachmann Come For Our Valentine's Day Luncheon?... Mother's Day?... Halloween???... and will anyone remember who she is anyway?

3) Are Hats Coming Back Or Are They Too Reminiscent Of Mamie Eisenhower?... and was Mamie a Communist anyway?

4) Which Tulips For The New Spring Garden?... or do we hate the Dutch and the European Union??

5) Is It True That The Earth Is Actually Round???... and If So, What Should We Do About It?...

and 6) Should We Invite Some Of Those "Nice" Boys From The Lincoln-Log-Cabin-Club To Join Us Since They Think The Same Way We Do And Can Help Us With Our Hair???... any "seconds"... on the martinis??...

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