Do you have a Debbie Downer on your Facebook page? I do.. They just look at your photos but don’t read the story and then make stupid or redundant statements! Or they “help” rewrite your story in their comments never having written a story themselves; snark about this or that on YOUR posts but never offer anything of interest on their own pages; tell you how wrinkled, old, fat, or ugly you are while looking like Jabba The Hutt themselves; …Oh, the list goes on and on! And so, in the spirit of upcoming Holiday merry-making and cheer, I’m posting some of my very favorite comments that I’ve gotten! Sadly, there’s only room for ten, but OH how I could fill the room. If nothing else, Debbie Downer is prolific! ….

1) Although 'auburn' COULD be described as a member of the 'brown' family, it still should be considered its own very special color."

2) "I always think that insects shouldn't be referred to as 'bugs' especially as the punchline of a joke."

3) "Some readers may not realize that you're making a joke about the Donner Pass because they actually have had a cannibal experience...either at home..or in grade school."

4) "That isn't your cousin with the eating disorder.... that's Norma Shearer in LADY OF THE NIGHT (1925).... or was it 1926….I know it’s in the 1920s …. Or maybe the 1930s???"

5) "Sybs, I have an allergy to turnips and beets too!...that's why I didn't laugh."

6) "White chocolate isn't really chocolate...technically. Here's a Wiki link to explain it to you"

7) "I like balloons, but only with helium, because a hydrogen balloon can blow up and set a clown on fire. That's what happened to my uncle at my 4th birthday party"

8) "Chill Wills...or Sterling Holloway.....or maybe Sterling Hayden"...

9) "Sibby, your post is too long and I didn't want to spend time reading it when I had to go to work and do a special project for my boss in the accounting department who just got home from a 3 week vacation in Mazatlan...or was it Massachusetts? Anyway, I don’t like to spend time reading elaborate stories, so could you please just post pretty pictures of nice things so we don’t have to read your stories which many of us don’t have time for when we’re busy with other things."

10) "Sybil...Dear sweet Sybil....Although I hesitate to correct you, the Earth is NOT flat and people won't fall off if they drive 300 miles in any one direction, or didn't you know that?...or are you off your meds again?”

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