I SHARE MY BEAUTY SECRETS!!!... "Before! and AFTER!!!"…

Joan Crawford Collage (286).jpg

Darlings! (and I use that term loosely!) So many of you have asked me, "Mummy??? What is the secret of your timeless beauty?"... and I have.... well.... NOT RESPONDED!!! I mean, a girl should keep SOMETHING for herself, n'est-ce pas? But NOW, in the spirit of the new millennium, I feel it's only 'Fair-to-Share', and my complete (and revolutionary!) beauty regimen can be yours!!! Yes! NOW! TODAY! And this regimen is the one I use at our special "Beauty-Be-Yours-Day Spa" in the Hollywood Hills....Just look at the 'Before' and 'After' shots of this lady from Sepulveda!… another satisfied customer!!! Have you ever, EVER seen such a transition from... uh... well, unfortunate grooming choices (shall we say?) to RRRRRADIANT Youth And Well-Being!!!... and this can be yours too! With EXACTLY the same level of success. Just place an order for my product line including the EDIBLE MAKE-UP collection with designer bag (and spoon), and the INJECTABLE MOISTURIZER kit (with either a syringe or enema bottle, your choice!).

But that's not all! You'll also receive a complete and illustrated booklet on my exercise program, with washable flash cards! You'll learn how to; 1) RUB! RUB! RUB! Your Way to Happiness...(but Always UP!), 2) Power-Walk While Remaining Seated, and even READING!, and 3) How To Eat A Healthy 7 Course Meal.... Even In Your Sleep!

And there are testimonials from clients whose lives have been changed.... just look at the before & after shots of this fellow right here! ...and all in only 20 minutes! Would you believe he just celebrated his 73rd birthday???? Hubba, hubba, right Girls??

But wait! I can't call you!!! You have to take the first step...TO BEING BEAUTIFUL!!! Is that so much to ask????... And if you order now, you get an extra kit for only the shipping and handling! Perfect for gifts!... or for going-away-testimonials! This will definitely put the “YOU” in “UNIQUE”!! xoxoxo!!!

Dial R-I-N-K-L-S-B-I-T-E!... that's right! Just call 746-557-2483. The nice man will tell you how to order!

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