Sybil Shares a Snowy Story!...

Winter wolves (703A).jpg

... ah, yes! Snow in Alaska! And whenever I see it snowing in Alaska, my mind drifts to a lovely night-time vision of clouds of snow swirling down from a low-hanging sky, huge drifts gathering around giant trees in deep woods. The beautiful silence of the scene broken only by the nearing sound of a desperate woman's panting and whimpering.....maybe she screams a little too. She gathers her sad little wrap and scarf around her as she glances fearfully behind her. She stumbles into the deep drifts, and soaked, staggers back to her feet trying to make her way, even though the thick snow is thigh-high and she continues to fall face forward into the icy cold! She is soaked and frozen and...Look! ..she's being followed, CHASED really!.... and then, sprinting gracefully, joyfully through the trees, muscular and glorious, a pack of wolves! A large pack....of all ages. Smiling, bark-laughing, they close in on the terrified prey. They slow as they approach her fallen form, stop, and then slowly surround her, appraising their newly acquired snack-treat. Because that’s what it is… a snack-treat... a human snack-treat. Ah yes.... the former smirking Governor of Alaska reduced to whimpering in a language that her assailants either don't understand, or choose NOT to. ...and in the surrounding clearing, various other forest animals chatting happily; sparrows, squirrels, raccoons, a few foxes, sipping their cocktails, choosing hors d'oeuvres from passed trays, and watching the entertainment... ah, good times.... good times... “Dinner is served.”

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