Sybil Bruncheon's "My Merry Memoirs!"... By The Sea.

Sybil Cousins Bathing Beauties (1353).jpg

An early daguerreotype of my three cousins (from the left) Elspeth Kruntch-Mayer, Fern Leguhm, and Dahline "Dainty" Digbotham. This photo was taken in February of 1898 when the girls had just gotten their third year merit badges from the Ronkonkoma Polar-Bearette Club. Those were their actual bathing clothes, and the three were arrested just minutes later for "lewd and lascivious exhibitionism involving the ankle and gastrocnemius attachment areas of a lady’s modest-parts".... They served 11 days in a local soup kitchen serving vichyssoise and toastettes with caviar to the homeless….paid out of their own allowances. Judge Japheth Petersen was heard to say, "That'll larn'em!... damn, FLOOZIES!"...

(Thank you to Peggy Roche for finding this old photo of my family!)

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