New Career Opportunities for Super-Heroes with dwindling industry potential...

Starlina SUPER HERO Halloween (703C).jpg

Everyone's favorite super-hero, Dr. Star-Lina has returned to the planet Earth after an extensive sabbatical at Inter-Dimensional Cosmic Cosmetology College somewhere in the Orion belt-pouch cluster. He is now a licensed make-up and facial expert, but can also cut and color. Of course, none of these new talents will interfere with his previous powers:

1) Recognizing all known species of garden and wildflowers and arranging them in tasteful yet festive displays for birthdays, bon voyages, group lay-offs, and pet funerals.

2) Preparing vegan approved dishes using only twigs, fallen pinecones, pollen, leaves, grass trimmings, and road-kill (but only if it dies of old age or natural causes before stumbling into the street)

3) Finding interesting, gaily colored and patterned fabrics of indeterminate content and draping it on the bias for instant Nativity, presidential, and medlcal tableaus at children's birthdays.

4) Reciting the names of colors, countries, and party guests BACKWARDS to the amazement and delight of paying onlookers.

5) Rescuing innocent persons from villains, miscreants, and creatures from outer space, usually just by screaming like a woman and scratching the evil-doer very badly... or messing up their hair… or hair-like tentacle-thingies…

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