A friendly suggestion for the... um... NON-readers in the crowd!

Remedial Reading (197A).jpg

Ask yourself! Do you have trouble reading Sybil's stories here on SybilSez.com? Do the words and letters sometimes dance around in front of your eyes, and maybe even say things to you or laugh and point at your private areas under the laptop? Have you ever found yourself looking at Mummie’s nice stories and saying, “No, I don’t want to read nice stories! I like to just look at pictures and point and laugh… and maybe drool a little before I fall asleep on the laptop!”? Well, have you??? Then you'll be happy to enroll in Mummie's new Remedial Reading Institute (and Petting Zoo).

With a simple call and a respectable charge on your Paypal, young persons like yourself are removed from worldly distractions for 6 weeks, and are exposed to highly nutritious meals (an interesting variety of oatmeals and dry biscuits from around the world), rigorous physical outdoor exercise (coal mining and loom work in a factory with few safety standards), and marathon out-loud reading sessions (in the nude and to barnyard animals who may or may not head-butt the readers depending on if they like the particular stories!). You'd be amazed at how quickly our students learn to read effectively and with less... um, exhaustion. “More focus requires more discipline!... or at least more oatmeal and head-butts”… That’s our motto and it’s carved in stone over the archway leading to the famous Chewzit-Upp Flannel Factory.

In a very short time, you'll find that words actually make sense... and MEAN something. You'll recognize certain words as being about things in pictures you've pointed at, and maybe drooled on. The English language may start to be your friend, and big signs in the street or on the highway will frighten you less, because you'll know the letters on them are also your friends, even if they are still dancing around or are pointing at your "special place". Interested? Sure! Who wouldn’t be! Just dial S-A-V-E-M-Y-T-H-U-M. That’s right! Call 728-369-8486. The nice man will tell you how to order!

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