Sybil Bruncheon's "Your Gay Credentials"!!... Quiz #631...

GAY QUIZ WOMEN #1 Collage.jpg

Yes, folks, many people today think they are adequately gay, but let's be honest, in these days of self-indulgent, entitled, babbling millennials who know nearly nothing about their heritage or culture, can anyone really be GAY ENOUGH? In an attempt to correct some of this cultural bankruptcy and general ignorance, we have created a quiz which allows YOU to know exactly!... ARE YOU GAY ENOUGH?

Take a close look at these photos; it's not enough to know they are scenes from THE WOMEN (1939) with its star-studded cast. Your gay credentials will be "in order" if you can correctly match the right scenario to the correct photo.

a) In a strange fantasy sequence, Mary as Marie Antoinette consults a fortune teller/space alien named The Insatiable Vajeen played by Crystal. Mary asks if the négligée she’s considering to buy is “Wash ‘n’ Wear”… Vajeen says they don’t wear négligées on Uranus.

b) Sylvia has sprained her wrists in a bizarre MahJong marathon in Boca Raton… she goes to the Fragrance & Pharmaceuticals Dept. at Black’s to buy some Icy-Hot and some Preparation H. Sadly, she confuses them that night. Much laughter ensues.

c) Mary has decided to try a gluten-free diet and wonders if Lady Fingers count.

d) In a “dream sequence”, Mary is confronted by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-To-Come. The scene is cut and tried out on George Bailey with even less success…

e) The Countess decides that, after twenty different diet attempts to lose weight, she will now go on the Earl Grey Diet. She has been told to consume highly caffeinated tea from dawn till bedtime. Miriam has fooled her into thinking she’s supposed to EAT the tea, not drink it.

f) Sylvia drops in on Crystal and says, yes!... the new bathroom phone DOES let you listen to farts underwater.
(Correct answers can be found on page 184 in the new issue of Jack & Jill Magazine, right after the What Doesn’t Belong in The Gas Chamber puzzle.)

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