A.R.E.A. Birthday Party

NOTE: This event info is no longer current.

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One of the great NYC clubs of the 1980s was the eccentric, eclectic, and thoroughly exciting A.R.E.A. down in the Tribeca area (the "triangle-below-Canal Street" as it was later known!). Featuring art and performance "installations" that would change regularly, the club was as often even more entertaining than the guests who frequented it, although the melding of the two often made it hard to decide where the real world ended and A.R.E.A.'s version of it started. The creativity was everywhere, in the music, the fashions, the decorations, the themes for the parties, and in the hearts and minds of the folks lucky enough to have been there for its relatively short run.... Here I am celebrating my birthday and our 1st anniversary on the Gay Cable Network on Thursday, February 13th, 1986. And yes! For the sharp-eyed among you, those are two of the eighteen Francesco Scavullo portraits that he did for me as a present...WOW!!