Cow-A-Bingo & The Smarty-Pantz Revue!

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Next Show Monday, November 18th, 2013, 7PM

What's more fun than a fun weekend?!? Well, keeping the FUN going right on to Monday night!! And that's just what we do on select Mondays every month at SYBIL'S WILD WEST COW-A-BINGO at the Cowgirl Restaurant down in the "West" Village!!! Fabulous food, festive cocktails, and fantastically silly prizes for games of bingo!!! And if you're one of those really clever people with absolutely NO bingo-luck whatsoever, we've got the new SMARTY-PANTZ REVUE full of trivial and untrivial questions that test the silly centers of your brain!!! It all starts this month at 7:00 PM, on Monday, November 18th, 2013, but the laughs will keep you rolling right through the rest of the week!!! Reservations can be made at: . See you there, Mon Cher!!! (..and stay tuned for upcoming dates in our calendar!!).