An Epiphany...for "Epiphany"... January 6th, 2014...


Tonight's sunset over Greenwich Village....... it's said that the first Monday after New Years may be the most depressing day for a great many people every post-Holiday season. The Winter stretches out in front of us, bills must be paid, there are no Holidays of any note coming in the calendar before Spring arrives... If you find yourself one of those folks who feels seriously "blue" at this time of year, do the following; rekindle and work at your friendships, go to theatre, museums, cafes with friends, take up a hobby, make your home more cheery, do your Spring cleaning NOW to invite new energy and perspective into your life, and definitely, DEFINITELY GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Do NOT be a shut-in in the cold weather.... Apropos of that, here's the sunset I walked in tonight!!! Sybil Sez!

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