“Extraordinary Characters From Around The World!”.... Monsieur Meowr-cel La Chatte.

Cat #112.jpg

Monsieur Meowr-cel La Chatte had been a member of the French underground and fought the Nazis as one of the most ferocious espionage experts the French ever had. His weapons of choice were used kitty litter grenades that could empty a café in 30 seconds flat! He prided himself not only in their explosiveness, but also in disguising them as croissants fresh from the oven, a plate of escargot with savory garlic butter, a perfect chocolate soufflé, and even as a charming little chapeau from Madame Poissant's Sur Ma Petite Tête Shop!! Meowr-cel would howl with laughter when his grenades would explode causing confusion and screams of outrage in the occupied cafés as Nazis would scatter in all directions covered in poop when they had been expecting a tasty continental breakfast and a sweet photo in a beret by the Seine.....ah well! That's what they get for invading a masterpiece of human evolution like Paris and crossing paths with the sure-footed ruthlessness of the greatest "chat espionnageur ronronner" of all time.... He was later awarded the Silver Star de Fraternité Bonbonnière, the Legion of Poissons D'honneur, and the Distinguished Cross of Quiche Lorraine for Service to the Republic and the Citizenry. Sadly, with the end of the war, Meowr-cel slipped into an existential malaise, bored with the day-to-day drudgery of luncheons with admirers asking for suspenseful stories of his wartime exploits. As time went on, he left fewer and fewer dead sparrows at the back door to the Louvre cafeteria. He could be seen yowling old snatches of music hall songs near the Arc de Triomphe, purring inconsolably at table 6 in the Moulin Rouge, or urinating in an alleyway behind the No Exit Cafe. Finally, he turned to canned cat food from America and heavy doses of absinthe with his warm milk.... he was found dead at the age of 189 (that's 27 in human years! ….or is it the other way round??...whatever…)...after smoking a bad batch of catnip spiked with potpourri and Chanel 5... All of France mourned.

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