INTERESTING PEOPLE....or ...whatever..... Miss Muirtel-Mae Beechcroft.

Halloween #11.jpg

Muirtel-Mae Beechcroft had come from extraordinary wealth, mostly acquired through the family's "patent medicine" empire featuring products like Pinch! (the famous laxative suppositories shaped like Disney cartoon characters) and Pizzy-Fit! (the fool-proof pet-stain remover). She had always been eccentric by the family's standards, and after attending pizza-throwing academy, air-conditioning repair school, and classes in gun and pet neutering, she finally seemed to find herself as a black-jack dealer at the Coiffeuro Bouffante College of Card Sciences. She graduated "summa cum laude" despite, or perhaps because of her six fingers on each hand. Her reputation as a shuffling-savant insured an offer from all the great casinos coast-to-coast, but she moved East to Atlantic City when Donald Trump offered her an exclusive and very cushy contract at the beginning of New Jersey's boardwalk resurgence. Sadly, like most schemes involving "easy money" and "dreams that cannot fail", Atlantic City gradually slid into needless extravagance, unpaid loans, bankruptcy, scandal, and humiliation, taking the innocent down with the guilty.... and no one was more innocent than Muritel-Mae. She was handed off from one abusive mobster-owner to another, passed around like a bottle of cheap liquor to be licked and guzzled and then on to the next burping, sneering thug with rough hands, beer breath, a four day old beard, and a stiff toupee made out of cotton candy!... finally, she ended up in a Veterans Hall down the shore at a Magician's convention for the Shriners. Her jobs included assisting various amateur and child magicians with their card tricks....and being sawed in half eight times a week in an act called "Mr. Mysterio-So Cuts His Cards!"..... her family never took her back.

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