Flushing Meadow, NY.... April 22nd, 2014

What an amazing anniversary!.... You see, in 1964, my career in show business had hit a lot of ...um..."bumps along the way", and finally stalled.... After being blacklisted for my liberal affiliations politically and dating a particularly lusty Russian freedom fighter in the 40s, I scrounged for work in regional dinner theatres, independant nudie monster films, county fair carny shows, and finally the low-end Pinsky burlesque circuit... So when the World's Fair came to Flushing, I rushed to the open auditions along with about ten GAZILLION other boys and girls... (okay! I was much olde..... er...."more mature" than most of them!). Anyway, my..."experience" and stage presence got me a job as a Turntable Demo-Girl...in the Kitchen of the Future! I was dressed in a fabulous Givenchy house dress in shantung silk standing in the middle of a futuristic formica fantasy come-true with appliances rising from and receding into cubicles and cabinets, doors and drawers opening and closing, everything automatic and shhhushing smoothly to the "ahhhs" and "ohhhs" of adoring Americans who piled through hourly to my 18 minute shpiels... Thank God I was a quick study, a great hand model, and could keep the repeated copy of the script from sounding stale after my 58th performance of it... Unfortunately, I DID get my fingers and hemline pinched in the machinery once in a while, especially by the "Joke-telling" refrigerator/sleep sofa. And the counter-top cutting board/color TV upstaged me mercilessly. We Turntable models got $38.00 a day for an 8 hour shift, which was good money back then (but NOTHING compared to my MGM contract back in the 1920s!), so I took extra shifts in the Prehistoric World as "Cavewoman Eaten By Tyrannosaurus" and "Squashed Thing Under Brontosaurus"...... ah, good times.... good times.

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