There's No Business Like Show Business....... #2

LAW & ORDER you know I was congratulated by the LAW & ORDER franchise for appearing as more dead people in all their programs than any other actor!!!.... a total of 982 victims! I am now being nominated for a special Life Achievement Award for "Most Lifelike Dead Person".....I believe it may have been for the season where I played "apple dunkee dunked", "Macy's store elf found gift-wrapped in a shoe box", "no-nosed nun", "lady member of Dead Poets' Society dressed as Emily Dickinson", "actress playing a corpse who turns out to be a corpse", "contortionist folded into strange shapes one too many times", "mime who frantically signalled for help but no one heard", and "one of 24 blackbirds baked in a pie" ....... I am deeply honored.

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