Sybil's "Interesting People": Vladimir! ...and Natalie!!

...poor Vladimir! He grew up in a time and place that didn't understand his predilections, his desires, his deepest secret, and the journey he wished to take! Where to go? Who to even ask??? And how would it be accomplished? Even in this new century, with all its new marvels and scientific discoveries, was it actually possible to become the person he was meant to be? Fortunately, his family were members of an ancient and respected imperial court located in an out-of-the-way corner of the Balkans. The name is not important, and the principality was one of dozens tucked "cheek-by-jowl" in a constantly bickering and conspiring area of the mountainous Eastern European wilds. Finally, a nice theatre and ballet professor that Vladimir had had at Acting Camp suggested a Dr. Victor Phrahnkenshteen in Bavaria who was making breakthroughs in revolutionary eye-lifts, nose reductions, tummy tucks, and, more. Six months later, Vladimir re-emerged like the rare "Moldavian Purple Caprice" butterfly. He, or rather "she" (her new name was Natalie Dragomiroff!) took her place in royal society as a person of great influence in the arts and sciences, in fundraising circles and events, and at great galas and pageants! Her pet causes included the Bosnian Blood Drive, The Wallachian Wolf Welfare Society, and improvements in railway safety.

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