Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!".... Other-Worldly!

Halloween Outer Space (796) 2.jpg

FOOLISH Earth-Dwellers! Do you think only YOU had beloved grandparents who cherished each other and held hand-things during their monogamy exchanges? Many galaxies have similar proceedings ensuring domestic tranquility, strong family bonding, and game-nights where the males of each species laugh, belch, yell, and play games with cardboard devices in full view of the proprietary females. Beverages and small food stuffs are served, while the guests discuss hydroponics, interdimensionality, and bowling..... sometimes with musical interludes. It is afterwards that the males and females depart in their appointed pairs and make infant or larval versions of themselves employing body-fluid and bolts.....then they wire them for sound....

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(photo by Francesco Romol “No. 7”)