Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!"... Phone Etiquette!!

Halloween Pay Phone (714A).jpg

Friends!...some of you younger folks may not realize that before cell phones, people out on the street, going about their days, had to use something called a "pay phone"! You would put nickels, dimes, and quarters into an open phone (often not working!), and make your call in public, perhaps even out of doors! Can you imagine??..and one of the worst things about using a public phone was waiting till someone else was done! What if the caller had several dollars worth of change in her little purse, and she gabbed on and on ...and on!?!? No wonder that sometimes a pay phone was the site of violence, terrible violence...and frustration! ...of course, pay phones were also a lovely opportunity to learn that very important lesson; SHARING!....

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