Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!"...... A Dog's Life!

Halloween Westminster Dog Show (714E).jpg

So many of us are animal lovers, not just sharing our homes with four-legged friends, but also enjoying showing off our companions and entering our them in pet shows; both local, small ones and in national and international competitions! Did you know that in 1926, Chief Baaquli NacNac from Rhodesia entered his Swahili Hound, "Pom-Pmumbo" in the Westminster Dog Show and won the overall Best-In-Show!?!... But imagine the gathered celebrities', reporters', and officials' horror when Chief NacNac then offered to serve Pom-Pmumbo at the victory banquet afterwards....... as hors d'oeuvres!! (postscript: The judges finally convinced the chief that it was the WRONG thing to do.... "Pom-Pmumbo" lived to be 34 years old and died in his sleep after a long and joyous life on a British estate belonging to the Earl of Croquitte. Interestingly, eight years later, Chief Baaquli NacNac, after a good will tour of Borneo, was eaten by cannibals at a Birthday banquet for the chief of the Xhthu-lu-ulus. He had been invited as a foreign guest-of-honor, not realizing that meant that he would actually be the salad course.)

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