Sybil Bruncheon's Fall-Weather Crafting!!!...the good-ole "Rope Trick"!

Bathroom ROPE (1110).jpg

….Facebook Friends!! Well, Darlings, if your travel plans fall through, or the soufflé goes flat, or the club date cancels, or ...(well, you get the idea!) why not do some home improvement projects? Mummie got very energized while she muted the television and put on some Muzak....and this is one that I LOVE! I recreated that fabulous old look of wrapping a steam pipe with rope to make it far less dangerous with the return of cold weather. This bathroom, (or indeed ANYWHERE in the home!), aesthetic just screams the 1970s to me!… and that's so much better than screaming because you've backed into a fiery hot pipe while drying off in November. Let me tell you, you just haven't lived till you've done it, and perhaps even melted to the pole as well...OH YES! There I said it! Horrible!! The best way to accomplish the look is to use 3/8" Manila rope although others have used 1/4"....and you'll need about a 150' length of it to wrap a standard pipe about 7' high. I did mine in three 50' lengths that I tucked in as I continued wrapping up, not down! And look inside the shower! I hung beautiful brass hooks to hold wet gym clothes fresh (or NOT so fresh!) from a work-out! A quick rinse, a spray of Febreze, and they dry out before tossing them in the hamper with everything else! I tell you Darlings! Busy hands are truly happy hands! …and this Summer when the steam pipes are OFF is when to do this project, NOT when they're back on again and you're wringing your hands about procrastinating again!...oh well. Here's a great link on how to do the rope trick!! Enjoy!

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