Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!".... at Kringlestein's!......

HALLOWEEN Sybil Witch (969A).jpg

I want to thank my pal Tommy Thomas for digging up this old photo of me.... I was only about 4 and back then parents were always dragging their children off to professional photo studios in major cities to commemorate birthdays, holidays, etc. Imagine how much fun it was to be photographed down on Broadway and 14th Street right down the block from Luchow's where we'd just had lunch. I sat on the little box for Mr. Kringlestein at the Kringlestein & Kampfer Rotogravure and Fine Photographic Arts Studio. He'd told me to sit very still while he slid each glass plate into the camera and exposed them to the light from under his hood..... I was perfect at holding each pose while my parents shouted encouragement and the servants brought ice cream and treats... and then, when we were all finished!....Imagine nice old Mr. Kringlestein's surprise when I just flew right out the window!!...apparently it took 20 minutes to bring him back to life, and my father had to pay him off to keep his mouth shut...although after 20 minutes in full cardiac arrest, he was never really intelligible again.... good times ...ah, good times..

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