Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!" ..... Home, Sweet Home....

Halloween Witch House (969).jpg

...and so, the kindly old witch called in a contractor to do some repairs around her house. It was a wonderful old place that had fallen a little into disrepair, but now, with her sudden..."windfall", she was able to fix everything perfectly. Unfortunately, it was Maryelle Perkinson who'd found out about the details! Nothing seriously disreputable, just questionable enough in the wrong hands to cast scandal and suspicion on an elderly woman with not enough money to hire lawyers and press agents to "fix" her reputation in a cynical world like ours!!.... Oh, why did Maryelle have to cause trouble?...and then to take such delicious delight in lording it over her during tea on that rainy Thursday?? Her sly insinuations, her veiled threats, and finally, her open demands for a "pay-off"... a pay-off every week until nothing would be left! How infuriating!...and unfair! The kindly old witch had never caused anyone any trouble and indeed had been a source of good-magic and help to the surrounding villages... But no! Maryelle was adamant!.... And that's why, as she carefully lifted the piping hot scones on the cookie sheet out of her huge oven that the kindly old witch got her idea. Funny..... the nice contractor and his crew of rough-handed and jolly workmen said they'd never worked on a job where they'd been so well fed week after week... till the roof, the windows, and that lovely kitchen were completely done! And the kindly old witch sent them all home with tins full of her famous scones on the last day! She waved to all the nice men as they drove off. And they loved her dearly..

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