Sybil Bruncheon's "People In Poetry"…… page 52. "Some Friendly Advice"...

When Mummie says, “Please look both ways
When e'er you cross the street!”
I hear you sigh! You ask me, “WHY?!”
And madly stamp your feet!

When Mummie says, “Put on your scarf.
It’s cold today, you’ll freeze!”
You say you’re cross, I’m such a boss,
And promptly start to sneeze!

You argue here. You argue there.
We never can agree!
What e'er I say, it “wrecks your day!”
I have to set you free!

And so my boy, my pride and joy!
I’ll let you be a Lout!
But may I propose, don’t pick your nose.
You may just put your eye out!

Poem eye out.jpg

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