Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!".... hold out your hand!!

HALLOWEEN Palm Reading Palmistry (1404).jpg

“Dee vortune ees rred as sooch: dee tumb ees dee ruler ob dee hahnd! Eet vairs dee crown and commands all dee odders! Eben zo, it ees lahrge like dee moon at night and moves freely like dee moon ahnd cahn change eets shape with funny bends! Dee eendex pinger..or Meester Pointer! Dee Pointer ees like dee north starr aroun wheech all hahnd ahctions are deerected und guided. He points the vay, shows dee toughts ob dee hooman mind, and eben pokes in the eye…or peeks dee nose. Da meedle pinger, dee tallest ob dee five, ees the highest point een dee hahnd-sky, and zo ees represented by dee sohn at dee nooon. Eef a mahn makes you trubble, geeb heem dee meedle-pinger und say “Hab a sohnny day, sheet-hole!”. The rrring pinger ees dee one ob dee marri-ahge. Eet represent dee belobb-ed and dee human-hart! Boht eet also ees the pinger ob de drink…dee empty bohtle. Bevare dat your lob-life duz noht becomb a life ob dee booze!....ha! ha! ha! And pinally, vee cohm to dee pinkie pinger! Eet shows dat you hab lohst yore key, und slept on dee street. De wreest says you see clearly dat you wair a mess last night ind maybe poo-pood hair uundie, and your palm says dat you now smell like dee bad feesh!..Wash yore hahnd!! That will be $7.00.”….

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