Sybil's "THANKSGIVINGS PAST!"..... and in Romania too!!....

Thanksgiving BATS (1060).jpg

Our immigrant friends have their own Thanksgiving traditions! Hello, Boys and Girls! Did you know that our nice friends from Romania are very glad to come to our country and learn about our history. They come from a mysterious place in Europe, and part of their country is named Transylvania and it's covered with mountains and castles and very dark forests. Do you like Halloween? I do too. And one of my favorite scary things about Halloween is Dracula...he's the vampire who flies about at night and bites people! (Maybe your little brother does that too and can even walk on the ceiling, but that's a different story for another time!) Well, when our Romanian friends celebrate Thanksgiving, they cook all the nice dishes that you and I like... sort of... they like sweet potatoes, but they like them with garlic. They like green beans, but they like them with garlic. They like mince pie, but they like it with garlic!... as a matter of fact, they like garlic in everything.... even in lime jello with carrot shavings... and a crucifix. But whatever they serve their friends, they always hang a dead bat on the wall. Where everyone can see! ...I guess that's to keep away mosquitoes!

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