ANGELS IN AMERICA..... filming in the East Village in 2002...

Collage Angels.jpg

There I am with George Brescia outside my own trailer on the set for ANGELS IN AMERICA (2003). We were shooting in the East Village with Jeffrey Wright and Justin Kirk!...Later Emma Thompson showed up to say hello, and sat with George and me and chatted about her marriage to handsome Greg Wise, her sweet daughter Gaia, and SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. Oscar winning costume designer Ann Roth had coffee in my trailer while she decided what I should wear to the funeral scene, and chose one of brilliant milliner Maria Stefanatos cocktail hats for me. We were titled the "black & white couple" by Mike Nichols who put us in several scenes and travel shots.....oh! And I almost forgot! You might be wondering who I played in ANGELS IN AMERICA...... well, technically, I played "myself". Nichols wanted nightclub and disco celebrities from the 1980s, and my great friend Royale de Pines arranged for me to get the "star treatment". After all, Mummie was rampaging weekly at all the big clubs, emceeing special events, fundraisers, and galas, and appearing on three different cable TV shows simultaneously! (I'm so lucky that I used all those astringents and moisturizers from Erno Lazlo!!....I could still play myself as a young, dewy-eyed girl!!, even though I was in my...uh, late 20s.....)....One of my favorite memories of the whole thing was Mike Nichols greeting me in the churchyard in front of the entire cast.....we were the last to arrive on that first morning because of a limo-glitch, and Mr. Nichols rose from his chair with a huge smile, held out his hands, and in a big voice said, "Sybil Dahling! Now we can begin!" His warmth and sense of humor were everywhere on the set and directed to everyone in the crew and cast!...and always with that merry twinkle in his eyes! Truly he was a giant and a genius in the arts.... and with a heart to match!....a rare combination.

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