SYBIL'S CINEMA!....The "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?" series..... ALL ABOUT EVE (1950)..

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I've proposed some epilogues to Hollywood to be shown after the credits roll on some well-loved films. Perfect for those stories and characters you just want to go on and on and on…..

ALL ABOUT EVE (1950)….Eve Harrington leaves the following morning for Hollywood with Phoebe in tow as her "assistant". She does indeed get a film…or two a la "The Ten Commandments"...trashy 'sandal and spear' melodrama/spectacles, but NOT deep art. As films begin to give way to television, she bounces from one two-season loser to another, and finally does sad monster movies about giant bugs or rabbits in the 1960s... Her money begins to run out so she opens a gardening center/bed and breakfast with Phoebe near Russian River, and they raise Shetland ponies for petting zoos and shopping center openings......despite their unpromising characters and early behavior, they somehow stay together and even marry in old age when LGBTQ marriage-equality rights become available. (An interesting side note; it’s revealed that in 1976, Addison DeWitt was murdered in an alleyway by the same pizza-deliveryman/hustler who later killed Sal Mineo. DeWitt died the same day that Eve’s Sarah Siddons Award was trampled by an enraged llama during an 8 year-old’s birthday party..

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