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I've proposed some epilogues to Hollywood to be shown after the credits roll on some well-loved films. Perfect for those stories and characters you just want to go on and on and on….

HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE (1964): Charlotte Hollis is released by the police because of Jewel Mayhew's letter of confession, and the subsequent information about the attempts on her sanity and life by Dr. Bayliss and Cousin Miriam. She takes all the money from her buy-out by the state highway authority and her own personal fortune (much larger than anyone had suspected!), and being Miriam's only living relative, her inheritance of Miriam's entire vast estate. She escapes her past and goes to Hawaii (newly granted statehood!) where she opens a beautiful little bed and breakfast called the Maison Velma on Maui. Insurance investigator and ally Harry Willis joins her, and in the sunset years of their lives, they fall in love and live happily ever after…. Harry runs a shop making grass skirts, flower leis, and amusing little coconut brassieres employing local parolees, many of whom had lost limbs in tragic love-triangles…and music-box misunderstandings.

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