Sybil Bruncheon's THANKSGIVING stories of strangeness....

Thanksgiving Phil (1036).jpg

At Thanksgiving time, Phil was one of those guys that went back again and again...and again....and AGAIN to the kitchen to get more and more...and MORE leftovers. If he was invited to someone's home for the Holiday, they knew there'd be no leftovers remaining for snacking later in the week! "Fill 'Er Up Phil" was his nickname, and he'd clean out everything!.... And then, one Thanksgiving, something terrible happened... something that the medical staff of the hospital, the police, and even the scientists who were called in could NOT explain. Interesting though.. Phil's last name was Perdue...(although he was only a distant cousin.) The Perdue family was profoundly embarrassed as Phil's condition intensified. Finally Frank Perdue and his son DID take Phil in and house him in a remote cottage in the Berkshires where a staff kept him very well tended, and far away from prying fans.... and frying pans.

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