Sybil's "30 DAYS OF THANKSGIVING!"...... Ethan & Noah....

Thanksgiving Ethan and Noah (1020).jpg

... For years after they arrived on the New England shores of the New World, the Puritans had been mocked by the Native Americans who were already here. Called "Pilgrims", they would hear the Indians snicker at dinner time about how they were all "pills" and certainly very "grim". Their clothes, demeanor, work habits, and forlorn jokes and songs without melodies did nothing to improve their standing, and it took a toll on their livelihoods both on Cape Cod and in Plymouth where many of them settled. Nightclubs like "The Jolly Prayer-Man", "Old Mistress Silly's", "Reverend Jokester's Joint", and "The What's ALE-ING You Bar & Grill" all closed after only a few months. Even little shops like the "Lamb of Peace O' Cake Cottage" and the "SIN-lessly Almost Delicious Semi-Sweets Hovel" couldn't survive the cold and dour Winter or the half-hearted business that came their way. The biggest laughs were usually heard at the local blacksmith's forge and only when Josiah Industrious Howard hit his thumb with a mallet.... (although he DID draw huge crowds of listeners who would sit patiently for days to hear him injure himself at which point he would be met with shrieks of laughter and wild applause, sometimes with 10 minute standing-ovations...and encores!).... It was in this sad and grey climate that some of the settlers would escape for a much-needed taste of passion, life, love, and a little romance.... Oh, how lucky, how very lucky Ethan Nickerson and Noah Paumgartner were to find each other and to discover a mutual interest over near Fog Hollow Marsh on that chilly November afternoon.... They'd always look back on November 16, 1640 as a lovely first date at anniversary time..

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